1326 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS


HEC provided structural engineering services to facilitate the restoration of this 150 years old heritage townhouse building, located in downtown Halifax. The building’s new owners wished to convert the building from residential usage to office space, which required a significant increase in allowable floor loading, from 50psf up to 100psf. The building was generally showing significant signs of structural deterioration such as wall cracking and differential settlement.

At the outset of the project, HEC undertook a detailed structural building inspection and analysis of the existing structure. It was determined that a primary wood beam, located below the main floor level, was not capable of supporting the required office floor loading. Hence it was decided to reinforce this beam by the construction of a new wall and concrete strip footing to safely support office loading conditions. Also, inadequate bearing of wood joists was resolved by the provision of new wall ledgers.

New internal door openings were provided in load bearing walls using an innovative double steel beam and post approach, which negated the requirement to re-plaster the lower floor areas, resulting in significant cost savings. Also, a new and fully accessible wood framed roof deck was provided, facing to the rear of the building.

Client: Barrington Consulting

Value: $150,000

Year: 2011

Role: Structural Design Engineers