Caribou Ferry Terminal Repairs, Caribou Ferry, Nova Scotia


HEC completed an assessment of the existing condition, including supervision of an underwater diving inspection, of a variety of marine structures at the Caribou Ferry Terminal. Structures included steel sheet pile (SSP) walls, SSP caissons and concrete cribs. Following the assessment, HEC completed repair prioritization and initial cost estimates for a variety of repairs required around the facility.

HEC completed detailed design for repairs to existing SSP walls to remediate heavy steel section loss by installation of new SSP walls in front of the existing SSP. The new walls were tied back into the existing waler and tie back system. Design of toe pinning and scour protection were also completed to stabilize undermining of the existing SSP walls. Repairs were also designed to stabilize undermining of an existing concrete crib and provide precast concrete scour protection panels to mitigate further scour due to prop wash from the ferries.

Client: Public Works and Government Services Canada

Value: $1 M (Approximate Construction Value)

Year: 2012

Role: Assessment and Detailed Engineering Design of Wharf Repairs