Corner Brook Water Treatment Plant, NL


The main facility building for this new $30m approx. water treatment plant project consists of a 21,500 sq. ft. single storey structure of mainly steel framed super-structure with a ground bearing floor slab and reinforced concrete pad footings. 

HEC was commissioned to undertake a detailed peer review of the primary steel structure of the main plant building. The steel framed structure was modelled using S-Frame software and design loadings were applied to take account of self-weight, wind and snow in compliance with the strength and serviceability requirements of the National Building Code of Canada, 2010. Additionally, along the southern façade of the building, the building frame was required to be checked for the potential occurrence of drift snow loading.

Also in relation to this building, HEC undertook a review of masonry wall details which the client had expressed concern in relation to. The masonry panel supports were not optimal and this was causing a significant risk of panel instability. HEC reviewed the existing structural details and designed an improved structural support system, utilizing steel hollow structural sections, which resolved the concerns in relation to the masonry panels.

Client: Tech Construction

Value: $5m approx. for Plant Building   

Year: 2014

Role: Peer Review Structural Engineers