Geological Services

Geological Engineering

With more than 30 years expereince in geological and geotechnical engineering, HGC's key technical staff have developed a broad skillset in soil and rock mechanics in support of civil engineering design and the management of geohazards and adverse geological conditions.

The principals of HGC has worked on a wide variety of projects throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond which have included the following:

  • Rock bolting and testing
  • Site investigations for tunnel design and directional drilling
  • Soil and rock anchor design and testing
  • Design in karst conditions
  • Rockfall analysis and mitigation
  • Soil and rock slope monitoring
  • Foundations on rock
  • Tunnel design
  • Pit slope assessment and design
  • Aggregate assessments
  • Pyritic slate and acid rock drainage management
  • Assessment of alkali-aggregate reaction

Project Examples

  • Halls Harbour Rock Slope Assessment, Halls Harbour, NS
  • Bearing Resistance of MacDonald Bridge North Halifax Main Tower during Blasting, Halifax, NS