MacKay Bridge Expansion Joint Replacement, Halifax, NS


During the summer of 2010 HHB replaced both multi-gland expansion joints at the main towers of the suspended spans of the MacKay Bridge with new larger joints. Adjacent orthotropic steel deck panels were also replaced to accommodate the larger joints and repair localized deterioration of the deck immediately adjacent to the existing joints.

The MacKay Bridge is one of 2 suspension bridges which span Halifax Harbour between Halifax and Dartmouth and as such forms a vital link for the city. Due to its importance to traffic flow, scheduling was very restrictive with mainly partial lane closures, and very limited full bridge closures, occurring on weekends.

HEC provided project management and construction administration services to HHB including site supervision and inspection throughout construction, QA/QC inspection at the fabrication facility and on site, scheduling coordination, progress payments and liaised between contractor, project designer and HHB. HEC’s role helped facilitate a successful project completion with limited disruption to the travelling public.

Client: Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB)

Value: $4 M (Approximate construction cost)

Year: 2010

Role: Project Management and Construction Administration Services