Middle Barachois River Bridge, Trans Canada Highway, Middle Barachois, NL


HEC, acting as a sub-consultant to the prime consultant, provided the detailed design of a 76 meter long, two span, semi-continuous, concrete girder bridge founded on skin-friction piles and semi-integral abutments. The girders were 1900 mm deep, site cast, post-tensioned concrete girders. The project included full technical support during construction, including HECs presence on site to monitor the stressing of the girders.  HEC provided, in a short time frame, an alternate spread footing abutment design when difficult driving conditions were encountered at one end of the structure. The re-design minimized project delays and demonstrates the high level of support that HEC provides for their clients during construction.

Client: NL Department of Transportation

Value: $3.0 M (Estimated)

Year: 2011

Role: Preliminary and Detailed Bridge Designers, Project Lead