Nova Dock Approach Wharf Repairs - Halifax, NS


Project Description

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. completed a condition assessment of the Nova Dock Approach Wharf in 2011 and noted significant deterioration of the reinforced concrete pile caps and upper steel pipe piles.  The structure consists of a reinforced concrete deck on reinforced concrete pile caps supported by steel pipe piles. Deterioration included spalling of the concrete on the underside of the pile caps, longitudinal cracking of the concrete pile caps, and significant corrosion of the concrete reinforcing steel and corrosion of the top of the existing steel pipe piles. This structure is critical to the operation of the shipyard as it provides access to the Nova Dry Dock and must support large loads from equipment such as cranes, trucks and heavy lift vehicles. As well, all repairs had to be completed without impacting the operations of the facility.

HEC was contracted to complete the detailed design of repairs to the concrete pile caps and protection of the steel pipe piles. The repair design had to reinstate the original load carrying capacity of the concrete pile caps. HEC completed an innovative design for the repair of the pile caps that was completed without impacting the operation of the facility. A reinforced concrete “jacket” was poured around the underside of the existing pile caps (3 sides). This jacket was reinforced with bottom reinforcing steel to reinstate the bending capacity of the pile caps. Reinforcing stirrups were also installed and anchored into the underside of the concrete deck with an adhesive anchor system to reinstate the shear capacity of the pile caps. Concrete collars were also poured around the top of the steel piles to minimize future corrosion and deterioration of the concrete. The concrete collars provided proper cover over the reinforcing steel and extended the service life of the structure. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Client: Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

Value: $500,000 (Approximate)

Year: 2011

Role: Lead Engineer