North Lake Wharf Structure Replacement, North Lake PE


Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) hired Harbourside Engineering Consultants (HEC) to complete the design of a section of wharf structure in Kings County, PEI.  HEC was required to develop a demolition plan of the existing section of Berlin wall structure in addition to the design of a new structure founded on timber piles. 

The timber pile structure is 52 meters in length consisting of a cast-in-place concrete pile cap supporting a pre-cast concrete deck.  The pre-cast deck was requested by PWGSC to shorten the construction schedule and reduce the downtime of this portion of wharf.  

During the course of the design, HEC had to address some basic serviceability issues.  With the surrounding structures being unique to one another, HEC designed the new wharf to act independently of the other structures.  By doing this, HEC allowed for the future rehabilitation or replacement of the surrounding wharves without any impact on the new structure. 

Another issue encountered during the design phase was drainage.  With water levels consistently rising in this region, PWGSC requested HEC raise the top of wharf elevation.  This was challenging due to existing buildings being built on an already low lying area behind the wharf.  HEC used a swale to drain water away from these buildings.

This project is scheduled to be tendered by PWGSC in the spring of 2014.

Client: PWGSC

Value: $1.0 M

Year: 2012

Role: Structural Design Engineers