Oxen Pond Substation Ramp Structure


Project Description

Total Transport Rigging Incorporated (TTR) was awarded the contract to transport a 100 tonne Transformer for the Oxen Pond Substation. The unit was transported by TTR’s twelve (12)-axle self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) pulled by a prime mover truck in an effort to reduce load effects on the highway and structures crossed.                                       

The proposed route to site required the loaded Transporter to travel across an existing 5 m culvert structure at the O’Leary Industrial Park which the City of St John’s (and the manufacturer) had determined lacked sufficient structural capacity to support the heavy transport loads. HEC designed a custom “flyover” ramp consisting of modular components to be quickly installed on site. The structure consisted of paired 15 m long spanning beams with steel plate travelling surface as well as 7 m long steel ramps at each end. The structure supported the transport load above the existing structure eliminating any loading onto the existing culvert. HEC completed the design to provide modular units which could be installed with a boom truck (without the use of larger cranes) and was easily reusable for a variety of potential loading configurations in the future.

Additionally, HEC completed crane layout and rigging analysis for the double crane lifts of the transformer unit.

Client: Total Transport Rigging Incorporated

Year: 2014

Role: Design of “flyover” ramp structure and crane lifting analysis