PDA Testing

PDA Testing

The Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) system is the most widely used system for dynamic load testing and pile driving monitoring. PDA testing of piles is used to assess the ultimate axial compressive resistance of piles and is used to determine driving criteria that meet project specifications. PDA testing also enables the evaluation of hammer assembly performance, assessment of pile stresses during driving, and evaluation of pile integrity.


The Principals of HGC have completed PDA testing services for various clients on more than 60 projects throughout Canada.

Past projects performed by our staff include the testing of H-piles, open and closed-ended pipe piles, spirally welded pipe piles, socketed concrete piles and timber piles. Furthermore, our staff have experience with different hammer types including open-ended diesel hammers, hydraulic hammers, and drop hammers.


HGC currently owns and operates the PDA-8G, the newest model produced by Pile Dynamics, Inc.

The PDA-8G features 8 channels of data acquisition for testing all types of piles. This model has both cabeled and wireless sensors which enable extreme testing flexibility on congested sites. This model also has SiteLink technology which allows our experienced engineers to view the results in real time from anywhere with an internet connection. Use of the PDA-8G ultimatley results in safer and faster use at a reduced cost with fewer errors than older models.