Parks Canada Standing Offer


This standing offer provides Civil/Bridge Engineering Services in Various National Parks in locations throughout Atlantic Canada. Through this standing offer, Harbourside provides services for fixed vehicular bridges as well as for pedestrian bridges, culverts, communication towers and observation towers. Harbourside provides geotechnical, structural, civil, and transportation engineering as part of this standing offer.

Geotechnical engineering related to this standing offer includes inspection, investigation, monitoring, analysis and assistance in design of new or existing bridge substructure foundations, bridge embankments, culverts, approaches, riverbed and geotechnical components of other bridge-associated structures. Geotechnical services include slope stability analysis, the verification of soil and bedrock conditions, the assessment of soil and bedrock design parameters, condition verification and assessment of existing structure construction materials. Furthermore, as the project geotechnical engineers HGC assists the development of drawings and specifications for the design, repair, and rehabilitation of bridge structures and culverts to relevant codes and guidelines.

North Aspy (North Branch) Bridge: Due to significant difficulties during foundation construction, Parks Canada transferred the design and construction supervision contract for North Aspy Bridge to Harbourside from another consultant. Geotechnical aspects of this project included review of existing geotechnical information and recommendations for site preparations, three-sided SSP cofferdams and standpipes required for dewatering, spread footing design for the bridge abutments and retaining walls, previously installed pipe piles, soil parameters for use in design and discussion on site effects and seismic response.  Harbourside also completed geotechnical assessments and footing inspections during construction of the bridge foundations. Harbourside’s collaborative team approach enabled complete redesign of the bridge during construction with minimal impact on project schedule.

Mackenzie River Bridge: Due to significant difficulties during design, Harbourside was awarded this project from another consultant during the design phase of the project.  Geotechnical aspects of the project included a supplementary geotechnical investigation (boreholes) at the bridge abutment locations, geotechnical recommendations for design and construction of the new bridge, and review of construction specifications prior to tendering.

Baker’s Brook and Deer Arm Brook Bridges: Harbourside has recently completed geotechnical investigations for the replacement of the Baker’s Brook and Deer Arm Brook Bridges on route 430 in Gros Morne National Park, NL.  The investigations included eight boreholes at each bridge, and test pits and swamp probes for the realignment of highway approaching the Deer Arm Brook Bridge Laboratory testing programs have recently been completed and the project is now entering the detailed design phase.

Client: Parks Canada Agency

Year: 2016

Role: Geotechnical Engineering