Rideau River Crossing Multi-Use Pathway Peer Review, Ottawa, ON


Project Description

The Rideau River Crossing Multi-Use Pathway Bridge will be a three span continuous, 123.5 metre long (38.5m – 46.5m – 38.5m) bridge, consisting of twin-variable depth steel plate girders which will act compositely with a reinforced concrete deck. The bridge is supported on shallow reinforced concrete abutments and piers, each of which are founded directly on bedrock.

The mandate of the peer review was to perform a detailed independent design check of the proposed new bridge. HEC’s scope entailed structural analysis of the steel plate girder and concrete deck superstructure as well as the concrete piers and abutments. This included a seismic analysis of the structure using the multi-mode spectral method as well as a detailed vibration analysis of the superstructure.  For the detailed seismic and vibration analyses, a 3D finite element model of the entire bridge was developed as can be seen in Figure 1, above.

It was determined early on during the vibration analysis of the structure, that the simplified method of analysis presented in CHBDC (S6-06) was not applicable to this bridge. HEC therefore completed a detailed dynamic vibration analysis to verify that the accelerations induced by pedestrian loading were not expected to exceed recommended maximums, in-turn ensuring user comfort. HEC also performed an independent desk-top review of the river design ice thickness to verify the dynamic ice loadings on the piers.  In addition, a general review on constructability of the bridge, including erection options for the variable depth girders and construction requirements for foundations, was performed.

Throughout the peer review, HEC brought value engineering to the client by providing recommendations with respect to overall project cost, improvements to the original design to make the bridge meet the CHBDC and to make the bridge more constructible, and proposed details for increased durability to lengthen the bridge’s service life.

Client: City of Ottawa

Year: 2014

Role: Detailed Design Check of Pedestrian Bridge on Behalf of Owners (City of Ottawa)