Rines Brook Bridge, Hants County, NS


Project Description

The new Rines Brook Bridge is a 18 meter simple span NEBT 1000 prestressed girder bridge on a 30 degree skew complete with fully integral piled abutments, cantilevered wingwalls and a cast-in-place composite concrete deck. The original design build tender suggested that a 14. M rigid frame precast concrete frame was to be installed on piled foundations. This solution required significant in water work and as such HEC worked with Dexter Construction to develop an alternate design during tender that reduced the abutment piling requirements and perched the abutments out of the water (thus allowing construction to be completed in the dry). The savings in the alternate design were significant, thus allowing Dexter to win the design build bid and quickly gain approval of the alternate from NSTIR. The alternate design and construction were completed on time and on budget.

Client: Dexter Construction

Value: $1.43 M (Value Engineering Alternate)

Year: 2013

Role: Preliminary and Detailed Bridge Designers, Project Lead