Saint John Ferry Terminal Assesment, Saint John, NB


Project Description

Harbourside Engineering Consultants (HEC) was engaged by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) on behalf of Transport Canada (TC) to perform an assessment of the ferry terminal structure for the Digby Ferry crossing in Saint John, New Brunswick. 

The general scope of the project was to assess the current state of the structure and its in water elements. HEC was also required to assess the value of using cathodic protection to prevent further deterioration of steel sheet and pipe piles. HEC completed three main tasks for this project:

  1. Review of the existing condition documentation including existing and as-built drawings, previous inspection reports and testimonials from ferry terminal staff. 

  2. A site visit to identify elements to be considered in the scope of work and to meet with representatives of the facility.

  3. Completion of a report outlining recommendations for corrosion protection complete with capital cost estimates. 

Based on HEC’s review of the structure, an additional dive inspection was required to measure the existing steel pipe pile wall thicknesses. Based on these measurements, HEC will complete a preliminary structural analysis to verify the proposed rehabilitation options and their associated costs to extend the life of the facility. HEC will be involved in facilitating the dive inspection for the client.

Client: Public Works and Government Services Canada

Year: 2014

Role: Structural Engineering Assessment