Sutherland's River Bridge Erection, Pictou County, NS


HEC designed an innovative erection method for the box girders that involved floating the girders into place on a barge. To deal with tidal fluctuations, the girder was supported from a telescoping support frame on top of the barge, with the end of the girder containing a ‘sky hook’ assembly that transferred the load from the barge to the previously erected girder at the end of the launch. This ‘sky hook’ allowed for the safe removal of the barge, followed by the controlled rolling and lowering of the girder into place to complete the bolted field splice. The barge size was significantly limited by geometric restrictions in the channel; as such, HEC ensured stability of the system by integrating the torsionally stiff box girder with the barge through a rapid install / remove clamping assembly that acted as a moment and shear connection between the barge, telescoping frame and girder. 

Client: Cherubini Metal Works

Value: $0.5 M (Estimated – Erection Only)

Year: 2011

Role: Erection Engineers